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The Ultimate Smart Phone App

Want to update your facebook wall from the Rocky Mountains, sell those SPY Call Options from your yacht or send a video from your FOB in Kandahar back to base? Well guess what, now you can, right on your Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or Android phone. In fact you can now access your email and data services from just about anywhere on earth, from the phone you have in your pocket right now.

BGAN iPad Satellite Internet

How is this possible when you can’t even get good service in downtown Chicago you may ask? What you do is hook up an Inmarsat BGAN terminal to a Wi-Fi unit, creating a hot spot, then simply connect to the hot spot via the Wi-Fi option on your phone.

Say what? Let me explain. Inmarsat is a provider of high speed mobile satellite internet access (kind of like Verizon) and BGAN is their Global high speed data service. The difference between Inmarsat & Verizon is that whilst Verizon uses cell towers to distribute its signal, Inmarsat beams its signal direct to you wherever you are. You connect to the Inmarsat BGAN Network using a small, lightweight & portable Terminal (like a Thrane & Thrane Explorer 300). You then connect a Wi-Fi box to the BGAN Terminal to rebroadcast the BGAN internet signal. This then creates a hotspot for internet access and you just hook up to it the same way you would any other hotspot. This will work in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Australian Outback and almost all points in between.

BGAN Blackberry Satellite Internet

The speeds are impressive at up to 486kpbs, this will vary depending on the actual BGAN terminal that you use. Of course this will also work for your iPad or any device that is Wi-Fi capable, which is most smart phones.

The best part is that you can connect multiple phones or iPads to the hotspot simultaneously, up to 250 in fact. Of course you are sharing the same signal, but still. We rent this setup for just $99 a week plus usage, which is charged by the Megabyte at $8 to $10 per MB.

BGAN iPhone satellite Internet

We rent & sell the Thrane & Thrane Explorer 300 & 500 series Inmarsat BGAN terminals, in our experience these BGAN terminals provide then perfect combination of portability and reliability. Bear in mind that your BGAN terminal must have direct line of sight to the sky to operate, and therefore may only be used outdoors. You will also need to get a couple of apps installed if you want to use your phone to make calls or send text, we recommend Skype and textPlus for these features.

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