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Iridium Satellite Phone Overview

Iridium is the only satellite phone provider offering total global coverage from Pole to Pole using a fleet of 66 satellites. Iridium satellite phones offer voice & data capability, with data transfer speeds up to 18 kbps.
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BUY Iridium Satellite Phones

  • New & used Iridium satellite phones
  • Iridium 9500, 9505, 9505A, and 9555 available
  • Prices start as low as $699 for a used Iridium 9500

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Buy Iridium Satellite Phones
Buy Iridium Satellite Phones

RENT Iridium Satellite Phones

  • Rent Iridium satellite phones from $29.99/week
  • Minutes as low as $1.30
  • Iridium 9555 & Iridium 9505A available for rent

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Iridium satellite phone rental
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Iridium Satellite Phones
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Satellite Phone Overview - How Sat Phones Work

All Road Sat can help you find the right solution if you are looking to rent or buy a satellite phone. Unlike conventional cell phones satellite phones do not rely on terrestrial towers or cell sites. While there are many choices in the satellite phone market it is very important to identify what kind of coverage a particular system may provide some offer global coverage while others only offer specific region coverage.

In the past most satellite phones were big in size and weight. Today, most satellite phones are comparable to everyday cell phones with a large retractable antenna. Sat phones are very popular in rural areas where normal cell phone service is not available and have recently become highly popular in expedition or adventure trips. All Road Sat features some of the market's most popular satellite phones including Iridium Satellite Phones, Globalstar Satellite Phones and Inmarsat Satellite Phones.

The use of satellite phones has increased over the past years and satellite phone applications extend to marine, disaster response and aviation. Our satellite phone rentals and sales include a handful of satellite phone accessories, a low per minute rate, immediate or next day delivery, 24 hour live support and service and the best service around when it comes to satellite phones. Rent or Buy from us and you’ll find we make this process simple. When you order online just choose your dates, add some minutes, and select your accessories. Just call us and rent or buy a satellite phone over the phone anytime.